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Anita's BLESSED business ..........plus Vit C booklet 25th November 2019
How much more shall the blood... dream and vision 19th November 2019
Andrew Wommack Foundation Course 14th November 2019
Attack on Israel 18th September 2014
Festival of Praise 21st July 2014
The amazing wedding of my son Jonathan and Aimee 2nd June 2013
A vision of trials and testings 28th April 2013
Confession 11th March 13
Prayer Wall 2nd March 13
Prayer Wall 13th February 13
Prayer Wall 26th January 13
God wants you to reign 5th January 13
Don't sweat it ... rest it... Joseph Prince 26th December 12
Jesse Duplantis.... amazing testimony of when he was taking to heaven 22nd October 12
Julie Peace 19th September 12
Testimonies - Bookstall 30th August 12
The purpose of the bookstall 16th August 12
John Watson's teaching on healing 27th July 12
Another great message from Joseph Prince 30th June 12
Joseph Prince Message 15th June 12 b
How to run a prophetic healing meeting 15th June 12
The great Revival - prophecy by Smith Wigglesworth 27th May 12
Listening to God 5th May 2012
MarkVirkler 16th April 2012
Greg Violi 21st March 2012
Signs and wonders shall be a normal thing 11th March 2012
Power in the blood 11 December 11
Our problem has not been lack of faith --- its been unbelief 18th November 2011
Plans for meetings 19th October 11
Healing 17th October 11
Prophetic bulletin - The Great Tsuname - Rick Joyner 25th September 11
Staying full of God - Andrew Wommack 20th September 11
Staying full of God - Andrew Wommack 13th September 11
You are a son and heir of God 29th August 11
I'm back with pictures of the filming 25th August 11
Off to America..... Oklahoma here I come 26th July 11
Ffald-y-Brenin 21st July 11
We're off to Ffald-y-Brenin 17th July 11
Spirit, Soul and Body Andrew Wommack 11th July 11
Nothing just happens 4th July 11
The Spirit is moving wonderfully in the North of Doncaster (Flood area of 2007) 19th June 11
Communion with Christ... The bride of Christ 12th June 11
Kingdom Upside down + Thinking lightly - John Paul Jackson 5th June 11
Bookstall opened again 31st May 11
Back to Normal? 23rd May 11
Dave Hinton's itinerary 16th May 11
I have not changed my mind + Chinese women dies, goes to heaven and returns to tell story. 2nd May 11
Shall we waver at the river

25th April 11

Crack Pots 19th April 11
Onward Christian soldiers 11th April 11
One second of believing was worth more than hours of prayer. 4th April 11
Seven images of salvation. + Peter Horribin - the most powerful prayer 28th March 11
God's Rest + Ian McCormick... back from the dead 20th March 11
All is well!! All is well! All is very Well! 14th March 11
Jigsaw pieces in their right places!! 6th March 11
Forgive and forget 28th February 11
Jesus drank the bitter 21st February 11
Transformation..... Could it happen here in Britain too 13th February 11


Happy Birthday House of Bread website - One year old today!!


Don't lag behind.. Abide in Me ..bear much fruit ..+Letting go of all that holds us back part two
He leads us in triumphant procession +Letting go of all that holds us back part one
Trials and tribulations.....I have met and overcome them all for you
The Western Rubbish Dump children + India Cashmere Shawl garment
Listening to God Part 4 + Man raised from the dead part 3
Listening to God - Part 3 + Man raised from the dead part 2
Listening to God - Part 2 + Man raised from the dead part 1




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