Food for thought   9th September 09


Forgiving means to pardon the unpardonable, Faith means believing the unbelievable, And hoping means to hope when things are hopeless.
- G. K. Chesterton




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Cross the line

shirley Howitt

(How not to pray.... Coffee with Jesus video)

The Father's love letter to you



The Lord is saying: Be free in my love. Be sure that I am your friend. I am not condeming you. You have had to make tough decisions. I am behind you and will see you through. I will work it through, just like I always have. Therefore trust it all into my care and play your part by walking with me, holding onto my promises. For by my promises you guard your soul against the wiles of the enemy.



And he said, “Go out and stand on the mount before the Lord.” And behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind tore the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. And after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 12 And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire the sound of a low whisper. 1 King 19. 11 & 12

The still small voice, is the unseen. It doesn't cause a fuss..It doesn't demand
attention. It doesn't cry out "look at me"….It can easily be ignored. Joshua and
Caleb magnified God, they magnified the still small voice until it became big in them and this is what we have to do. When you get a magnifying glass and magnify an ant, it may be tiny but through the glass it looks massive. God is already massive, but we have to make him bigger in our thinking. I heard this yesterday, "He who is big enough to make the universe, galaxies and stars lives in me and you", isn't that amazing. When we make God big in our thinking the giants shrink to theIr true size,.... nothing….They were just a lie anyway…..God has already overcome them.


Let us therefore fear, lest, a promise being left us of entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it. For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.Hebrews 4 1,2

The ten had heard the promise that Joshua and Caleb had heard, But it didn't profit them. Why? Because they didn't mix it with faith. The recipe doesn't work if we only hear a promise, we have to use another ingredient... faith!!

When we hear a word from God, we need to take it into our heart and believe it, guard it and keep it.That good thing which was committed unto thee keep by the Holy Ghost which dwelleth in us. 2 Timothy 1:14

Joshua and Caleb were the only two who didn't harden their hearts but believed when Moses told them the good things God was going to do for them. The rest hardened their hearts…. Believing is a choice, a choice anyone can make, when faced with the option. We can choose to harden our hearts against the promise we have heard or soften them and let the seed be sown. You know the feeling... someone comes to your door, selling you something. Most of the time I have my heart closed and hard. I don't really want to know. Thats fine for guarding us against being conned, but God cannot lie,so let us be open and soft to His promises, receiving them with gladness.

A good prayer is "God give me a soft heart, to believe your promises"

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11

God has good plans for you. The thoughts He has towards you are countless, like the grains of sand on the seashore, and all of them are good. You have a bright future, a wonderful destiny in Jesus. Take that word today and mix it with faith in your heart, hold it and nourish it with great care, like you would a tiny seed, and it will surely germinate, take root, grow and bear fruit.

Believe in the Lord your God, so shall you be established. Believe His prophets so shall you prosper. 2 Chronicles 20. 20

God has brought us out to bring us in.

To be Continued ....







Lord Take my Life

Jacky Ball

Lord take my life, and let it be,
A prayer in every way
When I grow weak O! Let me see,
Your love transform my day

Though trials sometimes
bring me low,
Your hope is with me still
No safer place than this I know;
The centre of your will

When things o'erwhelm,
I gaze above,
where Heaven's Glory shines.
My heart surrendered to your love,
your Peace forever mine!