Food for thought  28th October 09


You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

Dale Carnegie


The Lord is saying: You are starting to see breakthrough but this is nothing to what you will see further along this path you are taking. Carry on regardless, for my blessings await those who step out in faith and obedience, no matter what the world is telling them. Keep on child. I will give you all you need and will look after those who you have left in my care.

Word given to Alan Kirkham in response to my prayer request for the couple who's son committed suicide.

The body as we see it only lasts a time as we see time, with all are thoughts as we chose to use them. But the gift God has given, has no time, and IS eternal, and can only be of LOVE, PEACE, as no time or body has a hold of this. And that which is given is never taken away as only the truth exists no matter what our free will has chosen to act upon. We must let the Holy Spirit through into our thoughts about this, and know the true love is for all and eternal no matter what we may think or act upon in this life.

May the Love of God be with all, be still just a moment and listen: Love is the only truth and that does not require our thoughts of what it should be, and how we should be it "just is".. Through the power of the Holy Spirit may it rest within our minds as we extend the true love of God to all that are feeling this loss and pain. WE ARE ALL ONE.



Church bulletin bloopers


One thing we have been taught over and over in school is that the use of a double negative is a no-no.


Excerpt from

Inspirational Moments

The beauty of HE, Who is dressed in fine raiment and rich apparel foretells
the future Glory of Zion on that holy hill.
The angelic hosts throng and lift their wings in majestic gesture before the KING,
as the nations praise His Name, and every tongue shall speak the Name
that is above all other names, .
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Retha Machperson son died and came back to life with a wonderful gift.





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Rivers of mercy

Shirley Howitt