Food for thought     26th March 09

'We stop being our brother's friend when we start to become his keeper'

No Losers

byJacky Ball

All hail for this upside-down Kingdom
Where the humble are saved
by God’s Grace!
And the strong and the wise
have small share in the prize
And the foolish are granted
First Place!

We come not to God with diplomas
That world-wise would
grant us head start
Achievements though nice,
with God cut no ice
Who’s looking for penitent hearts


So praise Him, and Praise him forever!
For loving the sad, lonely one
For justification’s sole qualification - Acceptance of Jesus His Son!



The Lord is saying: I am with you. Keep moving forward and do not flinch back. I am still in control and you are still heading towards your destiny that I have promised. My plans for you are good not evil, to give you a future and a hope. Keep walking forward. I am with You.

We should fear the real threat
instead of the false one

Part 3

Going a bit deeper into this concept of how the enemy tries to bait us, we really do need to take on the teachings on the words of Jesus. When he said that if you take the higher seat you shall be demoted to the lower, but if you take the lower seat, you shall be promoted to the top table, he was giving a good word of advice. We should be so rooted and ground in God's promise "All things are yours" 1 Corinthians 3:21,22 that we can afford to be humble.

When we break the boundaries of what God has given us, we lose out. It is essential to have humility in our relationships with people. Its vital to let people be free. Adam and Eve were told to rule over the things in the earth and subdue it, to have dominion over the animals, which included the serpent: They were never told to rule over other people. But Eve was tempted "and you shall gods ". When Adam and Eve took something that didn't belong to them, they lost so much more. When we try to play God over people's lives. that relationship starts to suffer.

When Jesus said that if someone takes your coat give them your cloak, he wasn't saying to be weak and wishwashy letting everyone trample over us. He was putting over a great formula for success. When we give anything we get something back. People withdraw when we are pushy and arrogant, acting like we know more than they do. making them feel inferior. But when we build people up, seeing the best in that person, loving that one, being interested, they begin to trust and open up and give of themselves. Then we can share the good things the Lord wants us to, in love.

And its good to remember the ones who are pushy and arrogant are the one's usually who need building up most of all. That is how the enemy tries to work, the same as with Eve, he planted the doubt. There was something she was lacking? No..... all is ours in Christ Jesus. We can afford to take the lowest place so others can be built up. And we will come away richer.









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