Food for thought   13th July 09



The Lord is saying...

Yes! It is true, it is very true.... I have won every battle on your behalf. Walk on and use your legal right to take all I won for you!!!



A message from Catherine O'Halloran


One day about three years ago I noticed that a mole on my shoulder had become larger and had crusted over. I asked my daughter who had worked as an assistant editor and one of my daughter's in law who is a beautician to look at this mole and to give me their opinions which I value. .They both said that I should visit my GP.  I wondered what Jesus would have done, remembering that HE said " SPEAK TO THE MOUNTAIN" WHATEVER THAT MOUNTAIN MIGHT BE.I asked a friend to agree with me to speak against cancer for all our friends and privately I told the mole to cease activity and to leave my shoulder IN THE NAME OF JESUS. I spoke against it every day in HIS NAME and in seven days I had a clean shoulder. A number of months elapsed and I did the same for a similar mole on my other shoulder without telling anyone about it, in ten days it also had disappeared. So whatever your mountain is whether sickness or lack or trouble of any kind try speaking to it in the NAME of JESUS AND TRUST as I did, but do take medical advice also. The LORD has given to each a "measure of FAITH". By the way the moles did not come back.


About twenty years ago a very dear friend of mine lost a baby boy through miscarriage, she was devastated as anyone would be. However she had some prayer counselling two years later, as she was being prayed for she had an amazing vision of Jesus and in His arms He was holding a little boy of about two years old. Jesus told her this beautiful son of her's was perfectly safe and that she should look up at the sky from then on and not at the muddy ground..She received total emotional healing from the trauma that day and felt she could live again.

The Lord has shown us that it is vital for us all to pray for protection for the unborn children because of the abortion throughout the world as all of nature is based on sowing and reaping. The evil one is a legalist seeking which lives he can take and the Creator says "I KNEW YOU BEFORE YOU WERE FORMED IN YOUR MOTHER'S WOMB" but HE has given man on the earth free will and does not interfere with that.

LET THE PROTECTION OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS OF NAZARETH BE UPON YOU ALL AND ON ALL YOUR FUTURE GENERATIONS IN HIS NAME. You are included in our prayers whenever we pray in accordance with will. In Jesus's precious Name Amen.....









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