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How to run a prophetic healing meeting

How to run a prophetic healing meeting

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How to run a prophetic healing meeting

Newsletter - 21st July 2011

Hy Everyone,
Some of you might know that I recently visited Ffald-y-Brenin, Fishguard, Wales, a Christian retreat centre where God is moving mightily. The event was a teaching day on how to set up a local house of prayer.

Roy Godwin taught that when we pray that God's Kingdom come (It helped me when he defined this as God's rule) into a particular locality, when that phenomena happens, everything has to bow its knee to the Lordship of Jesus. As you can imagine situations and people hearts are radically changed under these awesome circumstances.

When I arrived back I knew that I had to ask the Father about what He wanted for 26 Goldsborough Road. I had cried out from the very beginning that He would rule over it. I thought that He would incorporate the methods of Ffald-y-Brenin, but laid it all before Him for His desire to be made known.

This is what He showed me. He wants this house to be one of joy, of fellowship with Him and each other, where people can feel accepted for what they are and feel comfortable to be themselves. It is to be a place of warmth, worship and love. Activity yet relaxation (you could say PLAY) A place where the Lord feels comfortable to dwell. A place without restrictions to the Holy Spirit. A place of celebration, of laughter. Where people feel at home. I could see Jesus in the front room so contented because He was with His people. I could see children playing in the back garden with laughter and yells of joy, leaping and splashing in water. In this atmosphere of freedom, grace, acceptance, joy and love, fellowshipping with Jesus, people will feel no threat and will easily open up to what they Lord wants to do in their lives to bring healing and joy, but the main focus is to be one of joyful fellowship with the Lord. Healing of emotions etc. will be a side product of that fellowship.


Well I thought all this was quite a tall order, but the Lord showed me it needs praying in. Praying this in to the walls and pressing it into the very fabric of the house.
"Moreover, I will make your battlements of rubies, And your gates of crystal, And your entire wall of precious stones. Isaiah 54:12
I asked the Lord whether he would want it to be a house of prayer like Ffald-y-Brenin or if He wants me to build some structure of prayer or something. The Father showed me He would evolve what He wants for this house and for me to give Him the freedom to do so without putting any structure or agenda into it. His will, will evolve naturally. The only thing He asked was that I and maybe others pray for the above to come about in this house.


The Father showed me that the reason I had gone to Wales to learn the Ffald-y-Brenin principles was for the Bookstall in the Doncaster Market. After I have come back from America, He wants me to start a 'Local 'House' of Prayer' there. He wants to bless that market and make the location a place where He rules. People who come to pray can then start a Local House of Prayer in their own locality.
I asked Him to tell me the name of this house here at 26 Goldsborough. This is the name he gave me.

I know this might sound childlike, but if that's His desire than.....


God bless you all, Shirley