Food for thought  26th October 09


Love today and you will be stronger tomorrow

The Lord is saying: Fear not, I am with you and for you. I will be your strength and I will get you through. Go forward boldly knowing I will not let you down.


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Inspirational Moments


Even as the chicks gather under the wings of the hen who is their mother so shall all MY people gather together unto ME. How excellent will be that time, a time that is precious to MY HEART.
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Minutes are like pennies. Once they are spent... they are spent.
The question is what do have we to show for them? Something lasting and eternal or a load of rubbish that clutters and weighs us down. Do we spend our 'pennies' on quality, or on stuff that does us no good.

When we spend our time reading the word of God, in intimacy with God or listening to good teachings, we are building our lives on a foundation that will never crumble. No matter what happens in our life we will stand strong.
Some people think that they don't want to become 'religious' by having a schedule of discipline. There is a big difference between coming under the law and in disciplining ourselves in the things of God. The first is a "don't do that or you'll be punished" The second is "You don't have to earn God's approval but if you do this, you will understand more and enter into what He has bought for you on the cross"

The prodigal son wasted his money on things that brought him great poverty and pain. It wasn't to do with the wrath of his father that caused his problems, but that he used his allotted currency (time, inheritance, energy, emotions) on destructive things. Discipline is when we use our currency wisely. Maybe we aren't on drugs or drink or gambling, but are we wasting more than enough time on things that aren't particularly upbuilding when we could set that time aside for something that will last forever? We all have the same amount of time in a day. Its up to each one of us how we spend that time. If we are doing one thing we can't be doing another. Minutes are like pennies. Once they are spent... they are spent.




Be God or let God. ~Author Unknown

When we rest God works - When we work God rests



Urgent!!! Prayer Request

Two of my friend's son commited suicide today please pray!!



A poem from Jacky Ball

A captured soul am I
Well caught in loving bonds
At peace upon the Saviour's breast
Held by His crown of thorns

My heart is drawn to him
My dearest resting place
And o! The sweetest smile I know
Shines from the Saviour's face

For He's my precious friend
Whose plans for me are good
He holds me in eternal arms
And saves me by His blood

Thus willing slave I stand
Before my judge of Love
Sentenced to glory,evermore,,
In Heaven's halls above


Church bulletin bloopers

Bertha Belch, a missionary from Africa will be speaking tonight at Calvary Memorial Church in Racine. Come tonight and hear Bertha Belch all the way from Africa.



Video spot

Retha Machperson son died and came back to life with a wonderful gift





Song Spot

When I'm in your arms

Shirley Howitt