Food for thought

27th February 2020

God is looking for someone to pray so He can do what He loves to do for us. Pastor Chris



What a learning curve!!!

I'm drinking in as much as I can of these teachings by Robert Henderson about the courts of heaven. God has taught him some amazing things for the body of Christ!

You'll find much more on youtube

Sorting legal rights out in the courts of heaven is essential before you even think of going into spiritual warfare to get prayers answered.






The Lord is saying. You are doing well.. keep going keep going keep going. Do not look down at the waves.

Praying always!

We give a legal right for God to work in the earth when we pray.

What we bind on the earth
He binds in heaven

What we loose on earth
He looses in heaven

If you've told sickness to go and its being stubborn
Its time to get stubborn with the




No No Can't be Jesus





Andrew Wommacks Charis bible Course


Hi Friends,

We are studying the third video in the Righteousness series. Also below is the Sure Foundation course. I can't begin to tell you how I'm growing in faith since I started this course.



Basics of Righteousness 1

Basics of Righteousness 2

Basics of Righteousness 3

Basics of Righteousness 4

Basics of Righteousness 5

Basics of Righteousness 6

Basics of Righteousness 7

Basics of Righteousness 8



A sure foundation 1

A sure foundation 2

A sure foundation 3

A sure foundation 4

A sure foundation 5

A sure foundation 6

A sure foundation 7

A sure foundation 8

Notes pdf