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Smile : A curve that can set a lot of things straight.

Just joking

Notice At a Budapest zoo: Please do not feed the animals. If you have any suitable food, give it to the guard on duty.

The Lord is saying: I have seen your courage in the face of 'danger', I have seen your faith and I say today Well done! I am proud of you my child. Keep that brave face and walk into a future assured of my continual care. As I was in the past I will be in the future. I will never let you down.


Entering into the Joy of the Lord - part two

It gives God great joy when we are in impossible situations. When we thank in the midst of them we are entering into the JOY of the Lord. God showed me that He was so joyful at the prospects of showing Israel even more miracles on how He could defeat their enemies, when they came into the promised land. He'd spent time showing them how He could part the red sea, how He could give them miracle bread from heaven, how He could bring water from the rock. God was constantly looking to see if His chosen people would cotton on. He was never going to let them down.

When it came to showing them that there were giants in the beautiful promised land He longed for them to understand that the giants were grasshoppers in His sight and therefore were as nothing in the face of Israel. Only two people Caleb and Joshua grasped this. They entered into the joy of the Lord. They were joining him in His enjoyment of a seemingly impossible situation. Can you imagine what joy it brings to the Father for us to be ecstatic in difficult situations, when we can laugh with Him and understand His heart. The bigger the problem, the greater the joy.The reason the giants were so big was to glorify God. The giants in the land were created to come down in the face of Israel.

Goliath grew very very very big. Some say over 9ft tall. The Philistines thought he was an ideal candidate to defend them against the Israelites . Who could have thought that he was created for one purpose and one purpose alone…to be brought down and bring glory to the living God and vindication to David.

The people of Jericho thought they were building the walls of Jericho so high and so thick and impenetrable for to keep attackers out. But God knew they were built so high and so thick and impenetrable to come down, so that He could show Himself strong on behalf of His chosen people.

The problems in our life have been built for one purpose…. to come down. The mountain in your life has been waiting for you child of God to speak to it and tell it to move so God can share His joy with you.




Be God or let God. ~Author Unknown

When we rest God works - When we work God rests



The Fall of the Year,

The future is glorious and it is coming fast to meet us,
shrouded in mystery at present it's oncoming inspires us
with the wonderful hope of tomorrow as we stand at the
vestibule of the dawn.

Fleeing the grandeur of the earthly crown we head towards
the dawn chorus of tomorrow
As the shades of vermillion, ochre, russet and gold
enhance our surrounding existance
liberating our imaginations unto things eternal,
setting our souls free
to enjoy His grandeur,
displayed with profuseness of amazing colour on the landscape of autumnal delight,
putting all else into the shade.

Reminding us constantly of how great He is who made the
heavens and the earth
and splashed his colour where we may view to best advantage
and be lifted from " the miry clay"
into the brilliant exaggeration of the primary colours.

The fall of the year encourages rapturous applause and lifts our
being higher to the heavenly places of love , of joy, of amazement and exilarates our very being with
newness of expression enfolding
as it were the old self
and gently leading it into hibernation so to be
awakened into so much more beauty at the call of spring,
at a later date

Catherine O'Halloran.


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