Food for thought  1st December 09

Hy Everyone, I will be flying to India in just a couple of days. That means I won't be updating the website till round about the 20th December. The Itinerary is below and prayer points. I would be so grateful if you would "hold the rope" for the four of us... in prayer....Gudrun, Florence, Anita and me.

There is some good material in Archives if you would like to look at that while I'm gone.... God bless you all and thank you so much for visiting House of Bread. Shirley


The Word of the Lord Ministries

Katey Moreland

The Word of the Lord Ministries

Please pray as you feel led but below are some prayer points for each day we are in India.

Also here is a logframe I made with our goals and purposes for our trip to India I can't say our goals were reached in preparation. It was difficult to get all four of us together, but I believe your prayers will make up for our lack of organisation.


3rd Dec: Thursday - Leave for Heathrow via Derby to go by car to airport.Flight leaves at 9.30am for Chennai (Madras) via Dubai

Please pray for safety and comfort and smooth connections and a lovely first meeting for three of us with Brother Raju. There is the real danger of swine flu quarantine if any of us have a high temperature. Pray that this will not affect us in anyway.

4th Dec : Friday – Arrive Madras Airport 2.30am. Stay in Hotel then continue
at 2pm by train to Tenali, arriving in evening at 9pm.

We will only be in hotel for a few hours before we travel. Please pray that we will get enough rest and the seven hour train journey is comfortable and we will be able to sleep on it. I prefer to be horizontal if poss.

5th Dec : Saturday - Morning Breaking of Bread Service – Florence ministering. Evening prayer in church.

Florence to be mightily anointed. That God will bless the people through us greatly, and that we will adjust to all the variables, eating, sleeping, culture etc. No ill effects just great joy and that being our strength

6th Dec: Sunday - Morning worship meeting at Full Gospel Church – Gudrun ministering. Evening meeting with Sunday school children at S.J. Mudi.

Gudrun mightily anointed. God's word to bear great fruit in the adults and children. Safety from disease and bites and a great unity and love between everyone.

7th Dec: Monday - Morning school visiting at Guntur. Evening - visit to slum areas – Gospel Preaching.

Again safety and good communication of God's word. The Spirit of the Lord to rest on all concerned. Great encouragement for the people, baptisms in the Holy Spirit and peace and joy. For us to be bearing up well with vigour.

8th Dec:Tuesday - Morning school visiting at Tenali. Evening - visit to another slum area – Gospel Preaching.

No sickness, great health, people coming to know Jesus, being taught how to love one another and to prosper, to love Jesus above all else

9th Dec: Wednesday - Morning Prayer & Healing Meeting with HIV/AIDS Victims. Evening - Open Air Meeting.

We want to see miracles!!! Healing for AIDS victims, but other healings too. Creative miracles and emotional healings.

10th Dec: Thursday – 10am – 5pm Meeting in Hotel with 50 Pastors.

That this meeting will bear great fruit and impact the Kingdom of God and bring down the kingdom of darkness. That it will lead to many wonderful things that the enemy will not curtail. Great love and no division. We bind up the enemy and his plans. In Jesus mighty name

11th Dec: Friday - Morning Meeting with HIV/AIDS Children. Evening - Bible study with Church women – Shirley teaching

Please pray again for testimonies and more miracles. That I will be anointed to minister to the ladies in such a way that they will be greatly encouraged to follow the Lord. That God will anoint my words and they will know God's love.

12th Dec: Saturday - Morning visit to slum areas. Evening - Fasting prayer in Buripalem village.

Safety and health for us all. Great unity and no division. Strength and peace. God answering the cries of the people. Great joy and rejoicing

13th Dec: Sunday - Morning worship meeting. Evening - family fellowship in home of Pastor Raju.

A sweet day of fellowship and relaxation, recuperation and love between us. That God will be present in a very special way

14th Dec: Monday – Morning departure at 6.00am to Chennai by train.

Safe travel and comfort, smooth connections and great fellowship with Pastor Joshua, Caleb and their family.

15th Dec: to 17th Dec: - Ministry in Chennai with Pastor Joshua’s work-plan,with at least 2 meetings per day plus visiting a very large school, an orphanage and the slums of Madras.

Great joy, healings, salvation and teachings that will bear great fruit. Connections that will last forever, gifts being used with a great anointing. Nobody feeling left out but everybody being used in their giftings.

18th Dec: Friday – Return home flighing from Madras at 3am and arriving Heathrow at 21.00pm.

We have a long wait for the connecting flight. Please pray that we will be coming home elated with more strength even then when we started, great enthusiasm for what the Lord has next in store.. With goals for the future and unity that cannot be thwarted, but will bear much fruit. For the people we have ministered to to hold on to what they have been given by God and for the seeds to grow and multiply beyond our comprehension.



The Lord is saying: Fear not my children, stand firm on my word. For my word is a rock when all is shaking around you. The enemy can only lie to you. But as you stay upon my word through the shakings and the lies that appear so true, you shall come out rejoicing and freer than you have ever been. My truth shall make you free.

John 8:31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.



Inspirational Moments

Letters from children to God

Dear God:
Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones, why don't You keep the ones You already have?


Written Agreement on the covenantal promises for our children ......

.Notes concerning the promises

Prescription: -

God's word to be spoken orally three times a day. Then once a day as preventative measure. If symptoms worsen - double the dose. Note:- There are no harmful side effects.






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I'll leave you with the pineapple story.... Its life changing.




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Joseph Prince

The bible has so much in it, that we are still delving deeper and deeper over the centuries to excavate even more beautiful jewels of truth. Joseph Prince has been given a great anointing for digging and finding wisdom that is setting people free and bring them into blessings. I recommend his teachings on the God Channel to anyone who wants to mature and grow in grace. I am always blessed with his teachings .

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