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All Christians can heal the Sick
By John Watson

Point 1

They first of all need the teaching and encouragement of a Leader who life is committed to show the supernatural ways of Jesus Christ.

I am a beginner, it is only 3 years since I came to Doncaster and hardly qualified and able to talk about this great subject. But the need is so pressing. The fields are white unto harvest, and people need to see Christianity in action, before they will believe. The Church needs to embrace all the gifts of the Spirit, if it is to win this and future generations. And it needs to be done outside the church building, as well as present inside.

Jesus teaching method of healing was rabbinical that is: He first talked about it, then demonstrated it in action, then He got his disciples to do it, than He corrected any mistakes. I believe that head knowledge in Bible Collages alone will not save this nation, It going to take a new generation of Christians who are baptized in the Spirit, to shake our cities and this nation.

All the gifts of the Spirit are available to any Christian who truly desires them. God our Heavenly Father will not withhold any gift to His child if he/she really needs them. We have 9 gifts of the Spirit all listed in 1 Corinthians 12v8-10. All are empowered by the Holy Spirit and available to any baptized in the spirit Acts 19v4-6

I believe that Anointing and Impartation are necessary for the committed Christian who seeks to enter into this Healing ministry. One cannot do it alone. We should learn, and come under the discipleship of a Leader within a recognized church to whom we are accountable.


Point 2

The need for humility and compassion

We must show respect to any person by learning their first name, and asking them before we pray or do any thing for them. They are an independent person who has the right to refuse. If we violate a person respect we risk bringing our self into disrepute and worse we dishonor the name of Christ.

Our words and actions must be sensitive. We should really feel empathy when people are hurting emotionally and be prepared to listen to their story. And in the same way with our touch. It must be gentle caring and full of feeling.
Humility is the way of Jesus, it is like a magnet that attracts the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are servant of God and His fellow workers, but should never exalt ourselves, but only Jesus Christ as our Lord.

Love is never an easy thing. It requires commitment, it always protects, always trusts always hopes and always perseveres, 1 Corinthians 13v7. Love must be shown by action. People always know you are genuine by your love. You cannot fake it. You receive it by knowing the Love of Christ has for you, and every person, whom He died for on the cross. You show "That Love" because it's, become so central to who you are, part of the Christ living in you.


Point 3

The need to listen and follow what the Holy Spirit is saying
The primary responsibility of a disciple of Christ is to listen to the Holy Spirit. ( John 16v12-15). We do this primarily by building up sensitivity to Him during our times of worship and prayers and during our quiet time. We also do it by reading God's Word and meditate on its truth. We need to be in step with the Spirit ( Gal 5v25 ) and able to have a such close contact that we are able to ask for help and receive it when needed.

When we receive this help we must be obedient to the directions of the Holy Spirit. Jesus say his business was to do his father work ( John 9v4 ), and He only did and said what the father told him. ( John 12v49 ).
"Do whatever He tells you" were Mary's instruction to the servants, when Jesus turned water into wine. Healing happens if we are just servants following the Lord's instruction.

Words of Knowledge is one of the gifts of the Spirit where feeling, impression, visions all matter and can make the all the difference, to revealing the hidden, exposing the demonic, and releasing the entrapped. Words of Knowledge and Healing do work together.


Point 4

The need to exercise faith in the victory that, Christ has won.
Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
( Hebrew 11v1). Our Faith needs to rest in the Work that Christ for us on the cross and nothing else. It certainly does not rest on our performance which will always be deficient. Christ won for us a decisive victory over Satan, over death and over all infirmity. The Greek word Sozo means salvation for our sins but it has a greater meaning its not just forgiveness of sins but include deliverance from bondage, the provision of wholeness in our soul, as well as health for the body

We need to realize that God does not wish us ill nor is He the cause of our diseases. But Satan, and his demon hosts, only wish us to live in pain and suffering and infirmity. When we heal people by the name of Jesus Christ we are doing a battle in the heavenlies to release the benefits of heaven to earth. Faith is the key which opens the gateway of all that Christ died for. When we exercise faith, mountains ( our problems ) can be moved. nothing becomes impossible for you
( Matt 17v21).

When Jesus Christ freely went to the cross of suffering and death for us, it was to bring in His Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. This can be experienced now in our present life, as well as in the future where God has promised us no crying, no pain, and no death. ( Revelation 21v4 )


Point 5

The need to realize the Authority we have in Christ

Christians like policemen have been given authority, not in civil matters but in the spiritual heavenlies. Jesus gave his disciples power and authority to drive out demons and cure diseases (Luke 9v1). and later he gave the 72 disciple the authority and power to heal the sick ( Luke 10v9 ). The authority was given in the great commission (Matt 28v19 ) "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you .

Jesus promised the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon the disciples ( Act1v8 ) "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth". This happened at Pentecost. And since that date the kingdom as been forceful advancing ( Matt 11v12 ) as his disciples have spread throughout the world.

Being forceful means we need to issue commands like "be healed" or "infection to go". Its best to use "in the name of Jesus Christ" to show the source of our proclamation.

It's not right to ask God to do what He as commanded us to do, He has commanded us to heal the sick, not to pray to the father. Its also not right to beg God for mercy as if we are pleading Him. He wants to do just what you are commanding because it brings glory to His Son.

If the power and authority we have is not resulting in any effect we need to continue by repeating our commands repeatedly, just as a policeman would. Healing does not always happen instantaneously, but we can be sure that God will continue to use the body's natural healing mechanisms. When there is demonic involvement, we command the afflicting spirit to go, we also have the option of calling upon God for Angels to come, and enforce the Victory of Christ.


Reading list
Learning to heal John Coles ISBN 978-1-85078-857-7
The essential guide to healing Bill Johnson
Randy Clark ISBN978-0-8007-9519-1
Power Healing John Wimber ISBN 0-340-39090-5






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Based on The Book " The Ultimate Treasure Hunt "by Kevin Dedmon

What is it
Treasure Hunting is a form of evangelism where the Holy Spirit is actively involved beforehand giving you clues, regarding who He wants us to speak to, and where He wants us to go, to find His treasure. When you go out in small groups you have the clues to pin point the individual who God has selected to have a divine encounter. The Holy Spirit will be with you to help, supplying addition information and insights. The individuals life (The treasure) will be opened up by the clues given on The Treasure Map or by a demonstration of power which may include healing, prophecy or just a good feeling that something unusual is happening. This can lead to them being receptive to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Quote from the cover of the book "The Ultimate Treasure Hunt" leads believers into a supernatural lifestyle of kingdom building. The Author Kevin Dedmon captures the heart of witnessing and personal evangelism by showing how healing. miracles and deliverance can be reqular occurrences.

How does it work
Heaven Strategy was to demonstrate the manifest presence of God through signs and wonders, then to explain what happened, waiting for the right positive response, before asking for commitment to Jesus Christ. We need to demonstrate the spirits power, first and foremost as this gives us a credibility, that what we speak is the truth. In the Post Christian world people need to feel that God, is touching them in a personal way. They seek evidence, before they will commit themselves to what many see as a failed way of living of the past era.

The main advantage of this form of evangelism is that it is spirit led from first to last. And because it led by the spirit, unless we (that is our personality) gets in the way, it is sure to succeed. We are looking at any time for one individual and because the communication is personal, most people can manage to do this. Public speaking is not required. Yes it's done usually in the streets, but if it's done in a sensitive way there is little opportunity for offence. Usually if the clues are wrong, you can usually just make an excuse and walk away.

Treasure Hunting is Scriptural
We can hear as believers, what the Holy Spirit wants to give us for the occasion.
Hearing from God personally is scriptural.
It's a Gift of the Spirit " words of Knowledge " 1 cor 12v8,
Jesus said "My sheep hear my voice" John 10v3.
He who belongs to God hears what God says John 8v47a
He promised the Holy Spirit to us to be our guide John 16v13

Its also scriptural because sign and wonder are available, to meet needs of the
individual as required. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2v4 that his message and preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the spirits power.
And these signs will accompany those who believe. Mark 16v17

Its also scriptural because it was done in the early church
Ananias was a treasure hunter Acts Chapter 9v10 who searched for Saul. Who became Paul the great apostle because of Ananias faithfulness and his willingness to combat his fears. Ananias listened to the Lords direction, and not only did he find Saul but healed his blindness.

Getting started
There are two main obstacles in the way of getting started, forming a group with a real desire to reach out to others, and combating the fear of actually doing it.
I want to tell you that there is a excitement that is unequaled when you know that God has shown you his treasure, and that you are participating with the Holy Spirit. Events just flow, you do not stumble for words, and you even surprise yourself how did that happen ? However for it to happen, you must go well beyond your comfort zone. Fear is the big stumble block that will prevent you from finding your treasure. You will need to take charge of the demonic atmosphere that is always surrounding. Telling you this is crazy, you never do it, you are never going to find anything today. Their all lies, The truth is that God wants you to find His Treasure, God want each person to know Jesus Christ the savior of the world. And He is directing you today to be His channel in that person's salvation.

What do you need
You need the Treasure Map which can be done before hand in an attitude of prayer, see the sheet the treasure map on page 213/214 of the book. You can photo copy and fill in the columns and rows ( Location, Name, Appearance, Need, Unusual.) with clues that you believe God has given you for the occasion.
The real point of the Treasure Hunt is to convince people that they are God's treasure, that God is searching for them. To do so we need favor in their eyes in order to influence them towards Christ. We can do this by practical acts of service by meeting their needs according to the power within us. ( Eph 1v19 ) His incomparably great power.

Healing is meant to be a normal part of the Christian arsenal, in demonstrating the kingdom of God. It is an essential tool for a Treasure Hunter, and the primary key to releasing healing is the name of Jesus. It's issued as a command (stomach be healed). Some times touch is necessary because physical healing is just a matter of releasing the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Supernatural -prophetic insights are also essential Treasure Hunting equipment. Getting words of knowledge are vital to convincing your treasure that this meeting is genuine.
Prophetic insights are used to show people there gifting and destiny, and should be used to build people up.

Supernatural measure of faith is also essential Treasure Hunting equipment because the kingdom of God operates by faith. God honours faith. Without faith it impossible to please God ( Hebrews 11v6 ), but Jesus never describes the amount of faith required to do miracles. But was simple looking for a Yes or No answers to his question " do you believe that I am able to do this ? ( Matt 9v28-29 ). He asks that question every time we are put on the spot, and the need is in front of us.

Holy Spirit involvement
It is the Holy spirits work from first to last, and we are just co-workers with him.
We learn from scripture that the Holy Spirit can be present with, rest upon, and be within a believer. Knowing the Holy Spirit as a person, starts at conversion but for many is a secondary event, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, after conversion. The Holy Spirit provides the power to witness to Christ. You are never alone when you Treasure Hunt, you always have the Holy Spirit with you.

How to be successful
God is more interested in our level of faith to take risks, than our performance or success. He is looking first at our obedience, and will reward it whether or not we find the treasure. Nevertheless God desires to successful in every endeavor He pursues, He wants to win that treasure more than you. Treasure hunting is not based on having the right clues it's based on pursuing those clues. There need to be a certain creativity in interpretation of the clues, a thinking outside the box.

Doing it on your own
Treasure hunting is normally done in groups of two or three but can be done on your own, at any time as long as you are interacting with people. You just write down one column of the treasure hunt clue plan. The location can be the place you know you are going to or it can be a place where your treasure normally lives. The name can be just the first letter of the name and keep the appearance simple, if you know you will not be meeting many people. You need to be conscious of it during your day. Asking first does your name begin with a ………letter of the name or do your come from ……… location. Show them your treasure clues and trust God to open up the conversation.

Treasure hunting can be a lifestyle and not just a planned event.
Treasure hunting clearly promotes and facilitates the taping into the supernatural resources of the kingdom to bring heaven down to earth. But we can demonstrate the kingdom though our witness in whatever creative ways that God directs us. We can live naturally supernatural lives, so that we release His presence where ever we go. We need to know we are anointed and authorized to release His Kingdom. Its not about the way we pray, that bring about the breakthrough, it more about the presence we carry.

The sections in blue are my own experience of treasure hunting, and are not included in the book. Written by John Watson June 2013 Doncaster. UK






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