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16th March 2020

“I, Wisdom, live together with good judgment.
I know where to discover knowledge and discernment.
Proverbs 8:12

Power in My hands...
Thank You Lord for another answer...
High dose Vitamin C
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By Shirley Howitt


500 gm
Pure L-Ascorbic Vitamin C

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Pineapple tapes

This is brilliant






The Lord is saying. Do not be discouraged, keep on, for I have chosen you
for such a time as this.


No No Can't be Jesus

Song by Shirley

Vitamin C



I woke up on that day in September in the early 2000's with excitement. I was about to enrol as biomedical science student. But my anticipation was clouded by a dream I had in the night. Two little birds had fallen to the ground dead. When I enquired of the Lord, He told me "If you go into medicine you will never fulfil your gift of singing". With disappointment I obeyed His warning.

My songs have brought great comfort and inspiration to people as I know the words were downloaded into me straight from heaven!

Shirley Howitt

Yet there were two birds in my dream!

It wasn't until 2018 when I researched passionately and wrote my booklet on Vitamin C that I understood that singing wasn't the only thing that would have been destroyed by my pursuit of conventional medicine. My love of finding out how God heals through natural means would have been crushed!

Now on hindsight my eagerness to get the information out about the benefits of Vitamin C in 2018, couldn't have been more timely. The booklet is up and running with just a few updates. The Corona Virus is knocking right now at the door and soon enough we will know what devastation it will leave behind it. I pray that the booklet will show people how Vitamin C can help to prevent or at least to stop the deaths of those who go into severe acute respiratory syndrome because of the virus.


The World Health Association is trying to censor any good news that is coming straight from the doctors' mouths in China.

You will probably find that the media are saying this is fake....
but see how Dr Andrew Saul who is in touch with Wuhan doctors verifies all that Dr Chen is saying


Anne Louise Gittleman is recommending not just Vitamin C at high doses but Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin D, Also Niacin B3 seems to help the immune system greatly. In this article. 'Why I'm not afraid of Corona Virus and You shouldn't be either' she explains








Andrew Wommacks Charis bible Course


Hi Friends,

We are studying the third video in the Righteousness series. Also below is the Sure Foundation course. I can't begin to tell you how I'm growing in faith since I started this course.



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