Food for thought   14th July 09



The Lord is saying...

Take heed for I am coming soon and I will be coming for a bride dressed in white, without spot or wrinkle. Take heed what you hear for you shall be given more as you use what I give you!!



This has been very exciting. Weigh this up and pray about it. What I am giving you is fresh bread. Hot out of the oven!!! So discern and see if this witnesses to your spirit. Bring it before the Lord if you need to, but if this is correct we have so much more at our fingertips to get the job done then we ever realised. I am sure there is much more to it and if you get more let me know.

This morning the Lord took me in a vision to a place where there were many angels. The Lord showed me there was the beginning of a mighty breakthrough. Like a dam, where the crack had turned in a smallish hole but was going to widen until the whole lot went. The angels were in awe of what was happening. Then the Lord took me to a higher place where there were seven angels. The angels were greater in rank than the others. The Lord told me to observe... These angels were waiting for instruction....... from me!!! They waited for my words to go and do what I proclaimed. If I proclaimed healing, the healing angel would go forth. If I proclaimed a task would get done, the helping angel would go forth. Some of these angels had teams under them to help them. Each born again believer had the angels but some were different types of angels according to the callings and giftings of that person.

These were the seven angels in my vision waiting for instructions.

1 Healing (Had other angels to help)

2 Fighting

3 Helps (Had other angels to help)

4 Protects (Had other angels to help)

Because of my calling and giftings etc. these angels were assigned to me. Yours will be different

5 Songs and music

6 Creative

7 Pastoral (Had others angels to help) I knew as I praised in tongues that angels were sent out to help those who I have been called to look out for.


The Lord showed me that churches have an angel assigned to them. Our angels are interlinked in the body of Christ. For instance; when we work together with a prayer partner there would be an angel sent to protect that relationship if we proclaim protection over it. If churches worked together it built a team of angels over that area.

I asked the Lord why there was only one fighting angel per person. He told me that we only needed one. One could chase a thousand demons. . He showed me the extra blessing came only when we are in unity with another brother; it becomes exponential. Its not that our two angels only chase two thousand between them but more are assigned to chase ten thousand. Just think how many a praying church can chase...add a nought for each person in agreement. That is the blessing of God and His gift when we work together. This should be such a thrill that we will never give the demons power by letting them divide us, but always to work in love with our brothers and sisters knowing the power we have together. Imagine the strength of different churches working together as a team. That sort of unity would take a nation for Christ. Whatever personal the cost has to be worth it. No wonder the devil fights so hard to keep us divided.

I proclaim today and ask for your agreement that the believers and the churches will drop their pride and fear and will begin to unite in great love for one anothe, submitting to one another's giftings, for the Kingdom of God's sake and that God will do a quick work on this earth. In Jesus's precious Name. Amen.







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I'll soar like an eagle

Shirley Howitt