Food for thought    12th June 09

"A man with God is always in the majority."
John Knox



The Lord is saying...I am with, go forward unafraid. I have given the land into your hands. The giants that you face will crumble at the sight of you, because I am with you, The Almighty God. Stand tall Child of God and walk forward unafraid.

And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have begun to give Sihon and his land before thee: begin to possess, that thou mayest inherit his land. Deuteronomy 2:31

In the old testament, God gave the land to the Israelites. Yet there were kings over the areas that God had ordained for the Israelites to possess. These kings are symbolic of the things that have tried to stop us from inheriting what is rightfully ours in Christ. When He died he won for us all things..

God could have made it so easy for the Israelites to come into their inheritance He could have kept these areas, that He had promised them, from ever being inhabited before. But no! God wanted to show himself strong on their behalf. He wanted them to do their part in possessing the land. It is the same with us. We have to face our giants in the knowledge that The Lord of Hosts has gone before us and conquered them. But we still have to arise and go up, to see the victory.

He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. Revelations 12:7

And it came to pass, when they brought out those kings unto Joshua, that Joshua called for all the men of Israel, and said unto the captains of the men of war which went with him, Come near, put your feet upon the necks of these kings.
And Joshua said unto them, Fear not, nor be dismayed, be strong and of good courage: for thus shall the LORD do to all your enemies against whom ye fight. Joshua 10:24-25

Their Redeemer is strong; the LORD of hosts is his name: he shall throughly plead their cause, that he may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon. Jeremiah 50:34











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