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There are two levels of Christianity. In the Spirit or in the flesh


How to run a prophetic healing meeting

A mighty giant arising
Tommy Hick's Vision





The Lord is saying: Forget the past. You have seen challenging times and you have stood firm. I am proud of you my child. Yes it has been my strength but you have continued to choose to stand in the face of great adversity. But you shall see easier times. Your breakthrough has come. Continue on as you are. Your faith legs are stronger now.

Testimonies about Bookstall


On Friday this week, I felt quite despondent about the bookstall. I asked the Lord whether He really wanted us there. I hadn't even nearly got the rent for the next day. Before the day was out the rent had come and we had some wonderful encounters.

The first one came out of a divine appointment I had a few weeks ago. Our Lovely little dog Grace is so friendly. When I take her to the fields she wants to greet everyone. She ran up to a man on a bench. After she'd had a fuss and we'd exchanged some small talk, we went our separate ways.

I asked the Lord to bring the man into the market place. A couple of days later there he was right in front of me. I greeted him warmly and acknowledges we'd met just the other day. I pointed the way to the bookstall and said that he could come and have a cup of tea sometime.

The consequence was that he came to the bookstall and told me that he'd felt something quite unbelievable on our meeting and that he never comes into the marketplace. I explained it was the Holy Spirit and how I'd asked the Lord to bring him in. He had been in the town centre when he found himself walking to the market. He came a few times and on this Friday he gave his life to Jesus.

The second encounter was a man who became born again last September after coming to his wits end one afternoon. Two visitors full of the Holy Spirit were with me that day. This man felt his life was over but thought that he'd just try coming to us that day. He gave his life to Jesus and got baptised all in one afternoon. He came in on Friday this week and said "Do you realise that I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you. Praise the Lord for His mighty power and the bookstall.



If you've not yet read Julie Peace's book... its a must!!

I cried so much when I read it... it was riveting...

A great present for an unbeliever.



Christian Bookstall

Stall opening hours

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 10am - 3.45pm

Stall 51
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Upcoming Events


Healing Meetings

26 Goldsborough Rd

Wednesday 26th September



Saturday 29th September


10am - 4pm

Please ring 07951389403 to book place

Don't forget to bring a little something for a shared lunch

Shirley to supply delicious hot jacket potatoes.

Please can you pass this on if you think you know who may be suitable...

Vacancy for Christian lady
(young or more mature)
to share house in quiet area of Town Moor
3 months trial period

Rent £212 per month + share with bills

Downstairs of House is used for Christian meetings
4 or 5 days of the month

Internet is available

Please contact Shirley on 07951389403


Mark Virkler


Four keys to hearing God

Key #1 - God's voice in our hearts sounds like a flow of spontaneous
thoughts. Therefore, when I tune to God, I tune to spontaneity.

Key #2 - I must learn to still my own thoughts and emotions, so that I can
sense God's flow of thoughts and emotions within me.

Key #3 - As I pray, I fix the eyes of my heart upon Jesus, seeing in the
spirit the dreams and visions of Almighty God.

Key #4 - Journaling, the writing out of our prayers and God's answers,
provides a great new freedom in hearing God's voice.

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Please listen to the following messages they are life changing...


The following messages are by Mark Virkler at a conference in England. I have uploaded them so everyone can have the chance to hear Mark's life changing messages. He is so anointed to teach in fine detail many insights the Lord has given him to help God's people come into a living day by day, hour by hour communication with Him.







Prayer Requests

Please pray for Phil who is a newly born Christian that God will bring him into completion and that he will become an avid disciple of Jesus.

Please pray for Eve's cat that it will recover again and that Eve will become a believer.

W...Please pray she can stand on the word that she has received and be established in it.

My friend Iris has invasive breast cancer. She starts chemotherapy on Tuesday. I'm afraid it appears serious. Prayer for a healing in her body and heart. Thank you. God bless, Jacky x


Hi Katey

Please pass this on to the people that have been praying for my niece Vicky - The Tumour has shrunk - PRAISE THE LORD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM - Please when you can keep her in your prayers as there is power in it.

God bless you all

Please pray for Mary and Josephine that they will come to know Jesus with the rest of the family and that the Lord will keep them safe.


Just joking

A pastor went out one Saturday to visit his church members. At one house, it was obvious that someone was home, but nobody came to the door even though the preacher knocked several times. Finally, the preacher took out his card, wrote out "Revelation 3:20" on the back of it, and stuck it in the door.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with me. - Revelation 3:20

The next day, the card turned up in the collection plate. Below the preacher's message was written the following notation:

I heard your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself. - Genesis 3:10