Food for thought  10th August 10.....

We should never permit ourselves to do anything
that we are not willing to see our children do.
- Brigham Young


The Father's Care.

The Father's care of his children
is awesome to behold;
is more splendid than the moonlight;
than all amazing stories
that were ever told.

He speaks,
"My child come close to Me,
near to my heart and you will see,
though you traverse the world
a million times,
love like to this
one can hardly find,
as the love I have for thee".

Catherine O'Halloran.


Watch of the Lord

Gudrun Brewster




Praise and Worship Rainbow Ribbons
A beautiful gift


Hy I'm back. Thanks for your patience. I can see I've had loads of hits on this website while I've been away.

Jim Wilkinson of Hollybush Fellowship, North Allerton, let me sing on the Monday morning and Friday morning. There were many people there. They loved my songs. Thank you Jesus!!!

The Hollybush/CD making experience was topped by helping Pastor Lee to baptise Anita at Hope Valley on Sunday. She's been wanting to go to Israel to get baptised since she got saved, but decided when Gudrun told us that they were baptising in the river where her church was camping to take the plunge.... It was a wonderful day with beautiful scenery and it made Anita's day when she found out the river was called the "Little River Jordan"..... God's confirmation.

I've spent the rest of the time since... coming back down to earth....OK !!! Not really....How could I when I'm walking with Jesus!!! But I had washing and down-to-earth stuff to catch up on yesterday, that's why I'm late in getting back to the HOUSE OF BREAD updating.

The Caravette/Van was great for my week at Hollybush. I slept like a log in it, just as snug as a bug in a rug. When I asked the Lord specifically one morning last October for a Diesel Camper Van, with sink, fridge, cooker etc. and for only £1000, (that I hadn't got) within 36 hours I was driving my black Ford Transit/ex-mini bus back to my house, . God's gift to me really came into it's own these last couple of weeks.

Heading to Hollybush on Friday 30th July, I was still focussed on editting my CD. Anita said that if I changed it one more time, she'd go home, I told Rob the sound engineer that I had Cubase fever (Cubase is the quite complicated program for recording and editting music)

I'd left a file with Jan's quitar track on Jan's computer somehow on the song "I'll still be amazed". Alan said my voice wasn't right on "You are my All my All in All" and Brand New Day didn't turn out great either. I ended up with five of the eight songs that Rob the sound engineer had recorded, but here's one of my new ones.....

Sound of Mercy

And I'll be posting my others over the next few updates.



(Some people have mentioned that the link to my email doesn't work..... sorry... it looks like if you want to email me you'll have to compose a message and type my email address into your To box) P.s I'd love it if you could email me with some feedback, to correct or encourage would be a blessing.











12th August 2010

The Lord is saying: Rejoice greatly for my plans have not changed for you. I am working to bring about all you have hoped and dreamt for. I am with you to enable you. Do not look to others or be offended when they do not help or support you. It is I that will get the glory not those you think should be your source.


10th August 2010

The Lord is saying. You have come to a new level in me. Your aspirations and focus should be adjusted higher. My plan is for your destiny to be totally fulfilled. I want you to reach your full potential. Just as you would as a parent want the highest and best for your children, so I am.

I see you as able, pure, holy and righteous. A king and priest, well able to fulfil all I have in store for you. Walk with your head held high. You are a child of the King of the Universe.

House of Bread

No meeting next Sunday

I am at Ellel Grange for the weekend




Prayer Requests

Please send me any urgent prayer requests?

Every thing seems to be quiet at the moment. I've not heard how Sue who has had a brain tumour is . I would love to see her and her husband saved .

I had a dream about another neighbour being refused entry into heaven and the truth dawning on her as she was being sent to hell. She's a lovely person. Please pray for her salvation and for her to believe and accept Jesus.



The Word of the Lord Ministries Int'l

Katey Moreland



Just Joking

Jimmy and Kathy are newlyweds in the honeymoon suite on their wedding night, and Kathy's in the bathroom. As Jimmy's getting undressed he says to himself, "How am I going to tell her? How am I going to tell my new wife that I have the world's smelliest feet?" Then he throws his socks under the bed. Kathy walks out of the bathroom, and, too chicken to face her, Jimmy runs past her and he goes into the bathroom. Kathy sits on the edge of the bed and says to herself, How am I going to tell him? How am I going to tell my new husband that I have the world's worst breath? I've got to tell him." Just then Jimmy walks out of the bathroom. Kathy runs up to him, gives him a huge wet kiss, pulls back and says, "Honey, I've got to tell you something." Jimmy says, "Yeah, I know. You just ate my socks."