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Be God or let God. ~Author Unknown


Man raised from the dead





The Lord is saying: Forgive and forget, I have made you a new creation. Give everyone a fresh start and rejoice, for I am making all things new. Your circumstances are changing and you don't quite know what is happening to you, but seek me every step of the way. Everytime you obey my instructions you are turning, turning, turning to the new direction. You shall not be disappointed. Your destiny is sealed and I shall not go back on my promise to do you good.




Listening to God - Part 3

The Holy Spirit can turn our differences into a sparkling variety of colours, making up the pure, precisive truth that shines like a multifaceted diamond

God is looking for groups of people who are teachable who will listen to Him and move corporately with Him as Lord, in His Son Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, all in agreement with His will, no divisions. Only in the Spirit is this unity possible, for The Holy Spirit is one and isn't double minded. Its in the flesh that all the problems start. The great tragedy when disagreements arise is that many times the parties involved are saying much the same thing. Different angles, personality traits, backgrounds or different traditions taught during their formative years, can cause communication problems; and the enemy tries to take this and the variables and twist it all out of shape bring anger, hatred and mistrust between Christians. Yet in these our diversities is a great potential; God can take the flavours of our personalities, our wealth of teachings, backgrounds, talents and mix them together with love and make something of great beauty and precision, like a multifaceted diamond, shining forth like the colours of the rainbow, with the glory of the truth.

In the real world, because of the extremely sharp, hard edge of diamonds, they are shaped into surgical knives for the most delicate operations of the eye. When the body of Christ allows the Holy Spirit to work on them in their groups. there is no telling how He will use them to cure the spiritual blindess in the people.....

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