An encounter with Daniel 

20th September 09

The Lord was so pleased to see me. He told me to come with Him, that there was someone going to meet me. We went up the grassy hill. It was a beautiful sunny day. I seemed to recall a stream and rocks and a butterfly. We sat down. Jesus was happy and smiling. A man came up, laughing and greeting us. He knew Jesus well, but I couldn't work out who it was. I asked if He was from the New or the Old Testament and discovered it was Daniel. What a wonderful man, gentle but humourous, laughing and kind. He said that he sympathised with me, he remembered the tough times he had been through, like when they put him in the lion's den. He pointed to Jesus in a loving, but humourous way and said. See Him!!! He will never never let you down. He didn't let me down and He'll never let you down. He loved Jesus very much
He told me that I was going on a new journey and He had come to tell me two important things.
The first was that the Lord had not wasted any of this experience with the church at Haigh, no not one little thing. He told me that there was a lesson that I must learn. That there was a time for being humble and submitting, but when you are in charge of the sheep you have to stand against the wolves and be bold. Like Peter when he defended against circumcistion in Acts 15. Slowly my authority had been eroded away but I needed to be bold at the beginning. I was to bring the fault to Jesus to correct. Twice I had allowed this but it would not happen again, because I would know next time. It seems I have a way of trying to melt into the background when people are strong and that Jesus will deal with this as I confess it to Him.
Secondly that on the new journey I would meet many people and that the Lord would give me the ability to help them to have one mind in the Spirit.
Daniel wanted to tell me something about his life when he was on the earth. He told me he had to face Nebuchadnezzar with some tough words, but he did it by the power of God in signs and wonders. Nevertheless, Nebuchadnezzar was a very important man. Daniel told me not to worry about how important the man is. When God is on your side, no one can hurt you.
Jesus stood up and they embraced, there was a wonderful fellowship between them and they said goodbye.