Peter gave me a gift  

21st March 09


This morning when I went to the Lord He asked me about last night at the Watch and what I thought about it. I mentioned about how tired Anita was and was thinking about how the Lord brought her round to wakefulness again and there were other things that had happened. He kept saying "anything else" until I came to the bit where the anointing came heavily upon me when I just wanted to sit with my hands open and not move. He said that He wanted to show me what He was doing at that point and told me to watch. I could see me sitting there, myself and the others were being ministered and clothed by angels. There was a great deal of activity and white silky material being swished about as it was being used creatively by the angels to adorn us. The Lord showed that it was His glory we were being clothed in.                                                                                                 

Next the Lord told me there was someone He wanted me to meet. I walked up the hill and Jesus was laughing. It was beautiful. While we were walking I remembered the gorgeous meadow with the little blue, yellow and red flowers in the tall grass, that we walked through in a vision yesterday. I remember about meeting James who was over the small lovely hedge, in a field . He looked like he was picking berries, and I think sorting out the best. Yet there was a very slight rebuke in his message to me. He was asking me how could good fruit come out of my mouth and bitter fruit as well. If one was to see good days then good things and blessings should come out of our mouths. He told me that the Lord wanted my mouth to be full of good things. James 3:1-12


Anyway, as Jesus and I walked up the hill. He told me it wasn't Abraham today I would be talking to (as so often in the past, as I walked up this hill,Jesus took me to visitAbraham), but today it was someone else. I saw the river and knew that the person was crossing the river and I got a sense it was Peter. Jesus confirmed it.
When Peter came up to us, I was in the same state as I am often when this happens wondering what on earth is going to occur next and hardly believing this experience is happening.. As usual I kept looking to the Lord to see what is permissible in these circumstances. Peter said he had come to give me something that the Lord had given to him before Jesus had died. He told me it was the prayer that his faith would not fail, and this gift now I was receiving for myself. Somehow I equated it with the scripture about gold that Peter talked about in his epistle. ...1 Peter 1. 6 In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, 7 that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.
He told me I was going to need this faith that does not fail. (Looking back today, on September 21st 09, six months on exactly, little did I know the trouble and pain I would go through with Phil first having his skull fractured, at the beginning of April and then finding him dead of a heart attack after he had recovered weeks later from the injury. Then all the hassle of having to sort his will and bungalow. Only God knew and the hosts of heaven, that this was about to happen. Thank you Father that you have kept my faith strong just like I was told.) I asked if Wynne could have the same, as I don't want her faith to fail through all she has been through. And I asked Jesus for this. Selfishly, then I was a little afraid that the special gift that Peter had given to me I had immediately given away, but was assured this was not the case.

Peter said he had something else to tell me before he left. He asked me if I understood the reason that the Lord took me so often to see Abraham. Did I know that it was because of the teaching of righteousness through faith? He told me I had done well to preach this message. He also told me that Jesus was going to bring someone else along that I would learn from. He told me that I would spend a lot of time with the Apostle John and he would teach me about love. He told me that faith and love have to go together. That what I had preached was necessary at the time, but that when love is coupled with faith that I would be whole. I needed the fuller teaching on love as I had received a full teaching on faith.

I asked if I could share these visions on the web. I am always so cautious that people will start to accuse me and come against me because I am talking to those who have gone before. Peter said the Lord wanted me to share them. That this would be the main reason people would want to go to the website. Still I am afraid. I thought about putting a secret door on my website and telling mockers not to enter, only those who would appreciate the visions.