Abraham shared a secret  

18th April 08

The Lord told me that He is going to be sending me some money and that my finances are going to change. (Its September 08 now and a few months ago, someone gave me a thousand pounds paying off my debt… now my finances are different. I am no longer living in that faith realm of debit card and God paying it up at the end of the month. I am living day to day keeping in the black. Its not as free and not as much money rolling in at once. I think there is still another level to go, but I know God is my only source) (Next level arrived before Christmas. Getting a monthly income now for the first time in years)

This morning the Lord again took me to the house up the hill to Abraham. I was very excited. When I went in I kept running up and down and shouting I'm a child of Abraham. I was so happy. I sat next to Abraham and he asked me why I was his child. I said because of Jesus and I am a seed in Jesus and Jesus is Abraham's seed and because I belong to Jesus then I am Abraham's seed. I think at this point it had me running round the house again, I could hardly contain my excitement. Abraham said that that was true but that there was another reason and did I know what it was. I said because I believe and I am of faith therefore I am a child of His. He said this was true and all that are of faith are his seed.


Abraham then said that he wanted to share a secret with me on how he used to be able to have so much faith and He wanted to share it with me. He told me to look at Jesus's face. When I looked, it's hard to describe but I will do my best. His face was so intent in love and eagerness to see His children grow in faith. He was watching with such intensity to see His children believing when He tells them something. Abraham was a friend of God because he satisfied this longing in the Lord.