The frst time I metAbraham   

13th August 2005

It was so exciting to meet Abraham for the very first time.... This is an excerpt from my experience that day...

He told me that his time was over on the earth but there was still more time for me and that I was going through process like he had to go through process. It seemed to me like it had been simple for him on this earth but he corrected me. "No" he said, and proceeded to tell me how he had to go through the process of not really knowing but walking with God and trusting. He told me never to be afraid because when he had been afraid it had caused trouble. He reminded me about the problems that were caused when he had told the king that Sarah was his sister, and not his wife.

I asked him how come he had prospered, so much. He said he had accepted it as a free gift and walked in it but I have been trying too hard I've just to walk in it and God would open up the opportunities

Thank you Lord for this that I could talk to Abraham. Thank you

Oh! and Yes he said that the apostles were going to help me and I would need every single one of them. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Over the years after this experience, the Lord introduced me to many of the apostles, when he took me into that heavenly realm..